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Here& 39 s a relatively scarce WWII Japanese Type 2 rifle grenade launcher The Type 2 was designed to work with the Type 99 or Type 38 rifles It clamped to the barrel behind the rear sight and had a threaded/removable rifled barrel into which the pre rifled grenade was placed before firing WW2 US Rifle Grenade Launcher Adjustment clips that fit on the M Grenade Launcher Model Grenade Launcher M7 Launcher for M1 Garand and M8 Launcher for the M1 Carbine New Old Stock Original each This auction is for a super rare Type cup launcher in super shape!! Has approx90% plus blue with some surface rust here and there and a small patch or two of rust that may have a few minor pitts under once cleaned This is the 2nd type launcher I have had in the past 10 yrs and the 3rd one I have seen for sale in about the same time!!This page lists all forms of grenade launchers around the world that is to say weapons that launch grenades with more accuracy a higher velocity and to greater distances than a soldier could 1 1 Single Shot 2 Multishot 3 Automatic 4 Rocket Propelled 5 Other grenade launcher models 6 See also 7 References AP/AV multiple grenade launcher Italy Carcano rifle grenade launcher Italy GrB Grenade launcher for a gun with a gas cylinder Download PDF Info Publication number USA USA USA USA USA US A US A The ICS GLM rotating 6 shot grenade launcher it does not get any bigger or badder than this A collapsing adjustable stock for aiming support Quick Detach rings and mount points for attaching slings working safety mechanism rail interface system RIS along the top and all around the hand guard for attaching whatever you could possibly require LG5 grenade launcher referred to by some Chinese sources as a ‘sniper grenade launcher’ and available in both 40 x 46 mm and 35 x 32SR mm_____ LG6 grenade launcher with drum magazine chambered for the 38 mm cartridge_____ LG4 revolver type grenade launcher chambered for the 40 x 46 mm cartridge_____Feb 22 by Kyle Mizokami One of the most powerful weapons available to U S Army and Marine Corps infantry is a grenade launcher designed to fit underneath the M16 rifle The M grenade launcher gave Dec 19 This chapter contains instruction for mechanical training operation and functioning of the 40 mm grenade launcher M79 10 2 General Disassembly Grenadiers are authorized to disassemble the launcher as follows a Clear the weapon by rotating the barrel lock Figurt 10 1 Removing or installing the retaining band screw

Back Doom Slayer throws the opponent into the mouth of a Cacodemon behind him where he fires a grenade into it’s mouth and it blows up with the opponent inside Tournament Variations Seek and Destroy Adds Meat Hook Grenade Launcher and Air Kontrol Heavy Artillery Adds Chaingun and Crucible SlashThis is an original WW2 Japanese Type 2 Rifle grenade launcher In 2 members of the German Heereswaffenampt made the trek to Japan via blockade runner They brought with them plans and examples of the German 30 and 40mm grenade launchers Within a month the Japanese had their own version made from those plans and German launchers Brownells Gear Brownells Catalogs Patches & Decals Gift Cards Shooting Rests Rifle Rests Shooting Rest Accessories Handgun Rests Bench Rest Bags Duty Gear Safety & Warning Equipment Pouches Range Gear Shot Timers Chronographs Magazine Storage Pouches Shooting Bags & Pouches More Ear & Eye Protection It first appeared during the Vietnam War The M79 can fire a wide variety of 40 mm rounds including explosive anti personnel smoke buckshot flechette and illumination This is the favored weapon of the T sent back in time to protect young John Connor Length mm / " Jun 29 The grenade launcher you are thinking of is the WWI VB grenade launcher I am trying to find pictures of Marines early in the war Guadalcanal with VB launchers There is one picture of a Marine with a vest but no launcher in site By mid/late they were replaced by the M1 launcher for the Mar 03 The M1 was designed to be used with the Mk 2 M26 and M34 grenades A separate design the M2 was created for launching cylindrical chemical grenade types such as the M8 and M18 An experimental type was tested for use with the M33/M67 grenades but as rifle grenades had largely ceased to be part of the arsenal at that point it did not Eligible for FREE shipping Dummy Grenade Cast Steel Practice Grenade In The White w/Moveable Hardware Product Add to Cart Add to My Saved Parts Eligible for FREE shipping Dummy Grenade Case 40mm M New Original w/ Weighted Blue Plastic Head Product ~ Japanese WWII Ordnance & Markings ~ Type TB Frangible Gas Grenade Type 4 HE " Pottery" Grenade 40mm HEAT Rifle Grenade Type 2 Cup Discharger Type 23

The Type 2 rifle grenade launcher was an attachment for the Japanese Type 38 and Type 99 rifles that allowed them to fire special hollow charge grenades It was a version of the German Schiessbecher grenade launcher Two grenades were produced for the launcher a 30mm calibre grenade and a larger 40mm calibre grenade both designated Type 2 The launcher sits over the end of the barrel held There are exceptions to this rule the crank operated Mk 18 Mod 0 grenade launcher a unique example of an AGL which was not fully automatic and the Mk 20 Mod 0 grenade launcher both used the 40×46mm round and the Chinese Type 87 grenade launcher a device intended to be employed like a general purpose machine gun uses the same 35×32mm low Oct 26 All known examples of the Japanese Type 2 grenade launcher were made by the Chigusa factory of the Nagoya Army Arsenal The Type 2 was used with the Type 38 or Type 99 rifle Two hollow charge grenades were used with the Type 2 grenade launcher a 30 mm version and a 40 mm version the 40 mm version is shown above from my collection The M is grenade launcher featured in Insurgency Modern Infantry Combat Community content is available under CC BY SA unless otherwise noted The XM could also use M79 rounds saving the military the hassle of developing and deploying new grenades The XM—later M—was a pump action weapon that secured itself to a M16A1 rifle by way of a distinctive metal shroud that fit over the existing rifle handgun It is built on an old Mauser fires a special cartridge from someone in CA I think The gas is routed out in four directions and the gas propels four heavy pins that are hooked to the four corners of the net The pins are probably about 5/8 diameter by 2 1/2" long IIRC It works good and kicks pretty bad The M79 grenade launcher also referred to as the blooper is a single shot shoulder fired break open grenade launcher which fires a 40x46mm grenade It first appeared during the Vietnam War The M79 can fire a wide variety of 40 mm rounds including explosive anti personnel smoke buckshot flechette and illumination This is the favored weapon of the T sent back in time to protect The Type 2 was a cup type grenade launcher that was used by Japan during World War II 1 Description 1 1 Variants 2 History 3 References The Type 2 was similar in design to German counterparts in fact it was fundamentally a copy except for several key changes 1 First of all the discharging tube for the weapon was significantly smaller than that of the German model It had a total length of Type 2 Cup Launcher and the 40mm H E A T Grenade This is the Type 2 Cup Discharger and its 40mm Grenade A 30mm variant was also produced Impressed with the German Gewehrgranatgerät design the Japanese copied it with a few changes The most obvious it the shorter tube The pitch of the rifling appears to be slightly different more spin

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