gas cutting without oxygen cylinder in car repair


The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve EGR valve may be stuck open letting too much exhaust into the system This throws the sensors off reducing the amount of oxygen into the cylinder that leads to less power A closed EGR valve does not affect the power Apr 26 A clogged catalytic converter can trigger the check engine light and can cause you to fail an emissions test Other Ways of Diagnosing Catalytic Converter Failure Using a Vacuum Gauge One quick and easy test is to connect a vacuum gauge to a manifold vacuum port like the one feeding the brake booster Feb 24 Anything over Lbs combined cylinder & product you need to have placards visible from all 4 sides of your vehicle plus DOT w/haz mat on your driver& 39 s license The fines today run aprox per infraction That means 1 violation for no placards 1 violation if no cylinder manifest 1 violation for no DOT haz mat 18 violations for cylinder Use only with equipment cleaned for oxygen service and rated for cylinder pressure Safe handling of the gas receptacle Refer to supplier& 39 s container handling instructions Do not allow backfeed into the container Protect cylinders from physical damage do not drag roll slide or drop When moving cylinders even for short distances use a 1 Gas Cutting Torch A specially designed gas cutting torch is shown in Fig The tip of the cutting torch has a larger centre opening from which a jet of oxygen comes to cut the metal This central opening surrounded by a set of orifices generally four which supply the oxygen acetylene mixture for pre heating Compressed gas cylinders have many uses around the rig such as charging accumulator bottles charging mud pump bladders welding or cutting etc Although compressed gas cylinders appear to be very sturdy mishandling can create a dangerous situation Cylinder Hazards Many cylinders contain high pressure and can become projectiles if the crack the fuel gas or oxygen cylinder valve near other welding work or near sparks flames or other possible sources of ignition and combustion 30 Before a regulator is removed is the cylinder valve closed and the gas released from the regulator [29 CFR b 5 iii D and d 4 ] 31 The car must be well ventilated to prevent oxygen and heat from collecting inside leave a window open at least an inch or two Never transport oxygen in the trunk of a car or bed of a truck In a rear end collision an oxygen cylinder can explode injuring people inside and even outside the vehicle Never use it for welding if the pressure is exceeding one bar of the gauge Backfire happens in gas welding When it happens close the oxygen cylinder valve first then close the valve of the acetylene cylinder Never resume welding until you figure out the cause of the backfire and fix it

When it happens close the oxygen cylinder valve first then close the valve of the acetylene cylinder Never resume welding until you figure out the cause of the backfire and fix it For flashback or explosion isolate the valves of both the cylinder types first Immediately turn off the oxygen first then turn off the acetylene Generally acetylene is used with oxygen to provide the preheat flame but other gases can be used propane for example or hydrogen which is used for underwater work because of its compressibility Apart from the torch the equipment is similar to that for gas welding The Brazing Torch offers an adjustable precision flame and combines MAP Pro and Oxygen for superior heat output It has a durable brass burn wand independent fuel and oxygen controls and is pressure regulated for consistent performance when inverted making it ideal for small brazing welding and metal cutting projects Limited 3 Year Warranty Oct 26 If you remove the oxygen sensors from your vehicle you will ruin the efficiency of the engine thus consuming around 10 to 20 percent more gas than otherwise required and also cause early failure of many components such as the spark plugs Oxygen/Acetylene Series Regulators Series Cutting Attachment and Handle cylinder wrench with chain Dual R Grade Hose 12 5 ft 0 Cutting Tip 2 Welding Nozzle Striker Protective eyewear Tote Carry Pak with storage and Manual with or without OX 20 cu ft Type “R” and AC MC10 cu ft tanks depending on part no cOnTEnTSAug 12 An oxygen cutting torch is a cutting torch fueled by oxygen and other gases to produce a high temperature flame that can be used to cut through metal An oxygen cutting tool typically consisting of 2 cylinders with one housing the oxygen and the other housing another fuel oxygen cylinder Turn off the oxygen flow 1 Using the small cylinder wrench turn the cylinder on/off valve clockwise to close it 2 Bleed off the pressure in the valve by opening the flow regulator knob 3 When the gauge reads zero turn the flow regulator knob to zero – Always keep oxygen cylinders in a well Prior to shipping we test each cylinder for 2 psi to ensure there are no leaks Manfacturer& 39 s Cylinder Specifications cu/ft Steel High Pressure Gas Cylinders Working Pressure = 3AA Test Pressure = Diameter = 7 1/4" Length = 41 1/2" Weight = 50 lbs It is advised to contact your local gas supplier s to verify their Contains all the quality equipment needed for cutting welding and brazing in a rugged surrounding plastic carrying case The outfit is designed to carry one 2L acetylene cylinder and one 4L oxygen cylinder As supplied the outfit is capable of cutting to 1" and welding 1/16" Can cut to 6" and weld to 3/8" 9mm with larger tips Features

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