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“Duty cycle” is used to measure the time that the CNC plasma cutting machine can run without cooling Expressed as a percentage a 50% duty cycle means that the machine can run for 5 10 minutes at the specified amperage Amperage It measures the intensity of the current passing through your CNC plasma cutting machine Nov 18 The working gas that the plasma cutting machine can use the working gas is the conductive medium of the plasma arc it is the heat carrying body and at the same time the molten metal in the incision must be removed has a significant impact on the cutting characteristics of the plasma arc cutting quality and speed The machine proved to be accurate with maximum error 0 1 mm Page 1 f1 3 Plasma CNC Machine block diagram This block diagram illustrates the basic structure of Plasma CNC machine PC has software that makes the connection of all parts of Plasma CNC Machine Save the CNC file into U disk and load into the cnc cutting machines The cnc cutting machine can read the G codes Honeybee Portable Cutting Machine equips USB interface which easy for program transfer 2 2 Product Structure This machine is made of host machine guide rails crossbeam and plasma THC as picture 1 Guide Rails Pic 1 Honeybee Flame or plasma cutting mode can be choose on RM as customers’ need Flame cutting mode is more suitable for cutting thick metal plate But for the thin metal plate plasma cutting mode is faster and the cutting edge is smoother Flame torch and plasma torch can be exchanged very easily Tips 1 With high speed of technology development Plasma CNC machine plays an important role in industry as it can cut any metal using only compressed air ignited at high voltage and high frequency The cut is fast clean and highly accurate This reportACCURL CNC Plasma Cutter Machine for Sheet Metal Cutting The ACCURL® High quality Plasma cutting machine provides superior performance at an entry level price Through its best in class motion unitized design and compact footprint the CPL brings speed and productivity to shops of all sizes The automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter adopts advanced structure design compact structure good rigidity and stable work The light weight structure design makes it have good motion performance high cutting precision and long service life The automatic CNC desktop plasma cutter adopts an optical axis linear guide rail and bilateral drive

Feb 01 nding wheel cutting The high speed rotating grinding wheel is one of the best way to cut metal It is a more common cutting method The grinding wheel cutting machine is light and flexible simple and convenient to use and is widely used in various occasions especially in construction sites and interior decoration Jun 29 A plasma cutter is basically a cutting machine for metal that uses high voltage and temperature to cut metals There are few safety matters too that you need to strictly maintain This article will discover how to use a plasma cutter and what safety equipment you need to work this machine Plasma cutting a technology that grew out of Plasma welding in the s emerged as a very productive way to cut sheet metal and plate in the s It had the advantages over traditional " metal against metal" cutting of producing no metal chips and giving accurate cuts and produced a cleaner edge than oxy fuel cutting China Portable Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine manufacturers Select high quality Portable Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine products in best price from certified Chinese Cnc Engraving Machine Wood CNC Machine suppliers wholesalers and factory on Made in Introducing The Super B Plasma Cutter CNC The Super B was designed by Dynatorch INC a former manufacturer of CNC plasma cutting systems with the goal of putting industrial grade feature rich plasma cutting technology in a small sized light duty mid level machine fit for the entry level market Plasma Arc Cutting Page 4 of 5 16 Finish the cut release the rigger and then pull the gun away from the work after the arc goes out 17 When you have completed your cut close the valve on the gas cylinders and operate the gun trigger to release the gas pressure Turn off the machine and hang up the gun and cables and unplug the cord 18 Dec 16 Introduction FireControl is a proprietary controller software made by Langmuir Systems to operate the CrossFire line of CNC Plasma machines The software was designed with several key features specific to plasma cutting while offering an easy to use interface These CNC Plasma cutting machines were however generally limited to cutting patterns and parts in flat sheets of steel using only two axes of motion referred to as X Y cutting [1] 1 2 Previous Studies on CNC Machines There are previous projects for CNC machines which does not include all parts of Plasma CNC machine DW Portable CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine is tiny the main equipment made by hard aluminum alloy with good balance light weight little working inertia and favorable appearance It works like a" little sports car" semiautomatic cutting machine and can cut directly based on the raw steel plate

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