cnc plasma cutting machine messer kjellberg model 1 series


Thermal Capital Machine T15 41 09 00 Messer Cutting Systems offers plasma cutting and oxyfuel thermal cutting machines as well as fiber laser cutting machines that are efficient and time saving in design Their plasma cutting technology has been a driving force in the metalworking industry worldwide Aug 17 CNC Portal Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer Messer Type Multitherm Eco Built CNC control Global Control S 1 plasma burner with power source Kjellberg HiFocus i Piercing up to 30 mm Cutting up to 50 mm Working range 1 5 x 3 m Suction table Filter system Cutting software Omniwin China Kjellberg Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacture Visit Here to Find the Kjellberg Plasma Cutting Machine That You are Searching for Company Details JINAN XUANLIN MACHINERY CO LTD The B Series Plasma table comes standard with a water table not down draft and utilizes stepper motors on the X and Y axis AFFORDABLE A solid high quality machine at an affordable price for your Hobby to light industrial cutting needs CNC CONTROL This fully integrated system is ready to take on any design or part you throw at it Messer Cutting Systems provides plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines flame cutters cutting tables laser cutting machines CNC controls and software and many other products as part of the Messer family Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of cutting edge solutions for the metal working industry With our reliable cutting technologies flexible service packages and intelligent software solutions we are setting standards worldwide Automated Plasma Cutting Plasma power sources used on 2D or 3D guiding systems i e cutting tables pipe cutting machines or robots allow precise laser like and fast plasma cutting Typcial application areas are the metalworking industry and steel service centres plant and container construction or the automotive industry Description Desk Type CNC plasma cutting machine is gantry structure with working table and its working area is by mm it adopts single driver It can be set up for CNC flame Features imum working area of the cnc plasma cutting machine :1 5 3M; Cutting thickness 5MM; The maximum cutting thickness 25MM cessing

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