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rotating wheel usually restricts media selection to a very tough steel or stainless steel shot or grit Machines can be built with multiple wheels for automation Automated systems include basket table spinner hangers and continuous conveyor processing Wheel blast systems are a less expensive way to blast due to higher mediaThe torch should be held steadily at the proper height above the work In making a square cut on MIS plate the cutting tip should be at an angle of 90° For making a level cut on steel plate the torch tip should be at an angle of 45° [Fig 7 1 A B and C ] The surfaces of the cut should be uniformly smooth and have parallel walls Jan 09 Install label cut and fold machine operate platform in front of machine Adjust machine’s feet to make machine level and stable then plug in power cable with outside electric power Normally our label machines are with single phase 50/60hz some special machines like screen label printing machine can be with 3phs Since every technology has its cost in general 90% of machines used in steel fabrication are equipped with either oxy fuel or plasma Now let’s look at a practical example using 12mm thick plate to further elaborate We are going to perform a simple job Cutting mm x mm plates from a standard size sheet measuring mm x mm Plasma arc cutting is a great process for cutting mild steel plate offering much higher speeds than oxy fuel cutting but sacrificing some edge quality That is where plasma is tricky Edge quality has a sweet spot that depending on cutting current generally ranges from about 1/4 inch up to 1 5 inches Most of the sheet metal cutting processes discussed can be performed on both sheet and plate metal although for many sheet metal operations difficulties will arise with increasing plate thickness Usually " sheet" and " sheet metal" is also referencing plate Figure Understanding the costs of a sheet metal part will help you evaluate the choices each supplier is making to provide their price First let’s take a look at some of the key components of a sheet metal fabrication quote Typically they include four important areas materials labor services and overhead YouSteel Girder Bearing Plate Weathering Steel unpainted Welding Procedure WPS 13 13 1 thru 13 3 Overhang Bracket Welding Procedure WPS 14 14 1 thru 14 3 Steel Girder SIP Strap Welding Procedure WPS 15 15 1 thru 15 3 Pipe Pile Bottom Driving Plate WPS 16 16 1 thru 16 3 Pot Bearing Welding Procedure WPS 17 17 1 thru 17 3COLD METAL CUTTING EQUIPMENT Cold metal may be cut with a hacksaw cut off saw band saw bolt cutter file snips shears or a cold chisel Cold metal cutting tools are divided into cate gories depending on their power source hand or power The operator provides the power for operat ing the hand tools while power tools rely on a source

However when it comes to shape cutting from steel plate the vast majority of work is done on mm plate and thinner When adjusted properly an oxy fuel torch delivers a smooth square cut surface Profile Cutting Tolerances Profile cutting tolerance is the slight positional variance that occurs when sheet metal is cut This happens in the position of features diameter of holes inside dimensions of rectangular cutouts or outside dimensions of the part itself Protocase& 39 s standard dimensional tolerance for position inside and outside 2 Observe the general cutting machine safety operation start the laser machine strictly in accordance with the set up procedure 3 Ensure that the top cover/lid is closed whilst machine is operating 4 When operating the laser follow specific laser guidelines 5 Always monitor cutting during operation 6 Always use Air assist 7 Apr 16 When cutting holes into corners specific hole diameters are maintained The table below shows the desired hole diameter according to sheet thickness For example a sheet thickness of 0 5 mm to 3 mm should have a hole diameter of 1 mm cutting round shape product from steel ase contact with Mr Franks Cao for line details Web nhuan Email [email protected] machin 2 Create a random set of rivet holes to machine into two metal plates 3 Have these plates riveted together test plates for failure mode and record path of crack on material 1 2 Procedure 1 2 1 Brief Description of the Experiment This lab will introduce the CNC Jr milling machine which is capable of up toCutting and forming thin sheets of metal usually performed as cold working Sheet metal = 0 4 1/64 to 6 mm 1/4in thick Plate stock > 6 mm thick Advantage High strength good dimensional accuracy good surface finish economical mass production low cost Cutting bending drawing2 Do not attempt to bend material beyond the capacity of the machine 3 Never attempt to bend metal rod wire strap or spring steel sheets with this machine 4 Use correct lifting procedures when handling large sheets of material 5 Ensure fingers and limbs are clear before actuating the hydraulic bender 6

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