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Shielding Gas Regulators Rated Flow Model Gas Lit/Min ft3/h Applications Part No Saffire MK4 Gas Economiser This device provides economy in the use of gas in welding operations up to nozzle size 25 During non welding periods the blowpipe can be hung safely on the hooked lever which operates the gas shut off valves in the economiser Oct 29 With a small amount of gas flowing through the regulator Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise to raise the outlet pressure Rotate the adjustment screw counter clockwise to lower the outlet pressure Note It is recommended to monitor downstream pressure with a properly calibrated gauge per the chart below 5 Track 1 8 meter long Aluminum track for Pug NM or Steel Track for Cheetah can be supplied as optional extra The Pug NM machines may be set to follow the edge of any straight piece of metal Easy to Handle & the Machines are light weight and they have a wrap round handle for easy portability and protection Cutter PUG and Cheetah is a injector type specially designed to prevent backfire PUG NM Nozzle mixing type Latest technology much safer Cutter Adjustment Can be Swivelled to cut levels up to 45° with Rack and Pinion Fuel Gas Acetylene or LPG can be used by selecting the appropriate nozzles Victor CA & CA Cutting Torch Rebuild/Repair Parts Kit with Tip Tools & Home ImprovementFind the operator& 39 s manual or illustrated parts list for your Briggs & Stratton engine or product by following the instructions below Looking for a part number Use the Parts Lookup tool to find your part number availability & pricing and order online STIHL chain saw also called a machine in this Instruction Manual Pictograms The meanings of the pictograms attached to or embossed on the machine are explained in this manual Depending on the model concerned the following pictograms may be on your machine Symbols in Text Many operating and safety instructions are supported by illustrations Safety in gas welding cutting and similar processes Page 7 of 11 Protecting cylinders from flashbacks Fit flashback arresters to both the oxygen and fuel gas hoses near to the regulators For long lengths of hose fit arresters on both the torch and the regulator The fitting of a flashback arrester is not a substitute for safe working practice operating the machine Never modify or repair a ROPS because welding bending drilling grinding or cutting may weaken the structure A damaged ROPS structure must be replaced not repaired or revised If any structural member of the ROPS is damaged replace the entire structure at your local KUBOTA Dealer 5

Pug Assembly 2 II Front End Body 4 III Drive 7 IV Shift Assembly 8 V Hood Fender 10 VI Enginerrransmission 12 VII Hydraulic Hose Diagram 15 VIII Tank Assembly 16 IX Sector 16 X Hydraulic Pump 17 XI Hydraulic Valve 17 XII Dashboard 18 XIII Swivel Yoke 19 XIV Brake Line 20 XV Wiring Diagram 21 XVI Axle 22 XVII Brakes 24 1 62 3 Hand Cutting Torch 96 Multi Stage ARCD Oxweld R Quality torch and regulator parts and the leader in torch and regulator rebuilding and repair Esab straight line and circle Pug NM Cutting se Machines are light weight and they have a wrap round handle for easy portability and protection Its body made of pressed steel with wrap/round handle and asbestos heat deflector Gas Cutting Torch Kits Whether in the shop or at a job site a good cutting torch is indispensable for quickly accurately and safely cutting metal Besides the extensive selection of quality cutting torches we stock carries all the cutting torch parts kits and accessories you will need to do the job right Important things to consider when installing a LPG regulator Before you install a LPG regulator it is important to select the correct regulator for the job The connection from gas cylinder to the regulator is to be connected via a component called a pigtail Pigtails are used to transfer high pressure gas from the gas bottle to the regulator Mar 09 7 different LP Gas regulators that every plumber should be aware of LPG stands for Liquefied petroleum gas LPG includes mixes that are primarily propane C3H8 primarily butane C4H10 and most commonly mixes of both propane and butane When you compress Propane it condenses into a liquid which makes it much easier to store in a tank than Pug Cutting Machine ferrous metal sheets and plates in the straight direction with Oxy Acetylene or Oxy Fuel Gases these Gas Cutting Machines are aluminium track with electronic control switches and can move both forward as well as in the reverse direction with the help of another switch pug cutting machine This machine works with a speed to cut the workpiece in specific shape at a faster pace with the best pug cutting machine price Toll free Follow Us Aug 12 Pug Cutting Machine Gas Cutting Machine helps a Fabricator in cutting production costs and increases works on single phase supply and is operated by H P single phase motor Power is fed through a Forward Reverse toggle Switch Gas Cutting Machine helps a Fabricator in cutting production costs and increases works on

Pug cutting machine king pathern im portable gas cutting machine Jr Welding Equipments Bangalore City Municipal Corporation Layout Bengaluru No 6 1st Floor JR Plaza Raghuvanahalli Kanakpura Main Road Bangalore City Municipal Corporation Layout Bengaluru Dist Bengaluru KarnatakaPug Cutting AMI P Profile Gas Cutting Machine helps a Fabricator in cutting production costs and increases efficiency It is designed for heavy duty jobs and VICTOR PUG CUTTING MACHINE Victor USA is the world’s leading brand for Pug Cutting machines Cutting Nozzles Cutting Torch Cutting handle and Gas Regulators for Oxygen Acetylene Argon and Nitrogen Victor Pug cutting machine guarantees exceptional performance and durability The brand symbolizes quality as all leading companies in the Before replacing the propane regulator shut off the gas supply by being sure the propane tank valve is completely closed Next remove the regulator hose from the tank by turning it to the left until it comes free Then remove the cotter pin and release the regulator from the grill Remove the pressure regulator assembly and set it aside Gas Cutting Machine Pug Cutting Profile Gas Cutting Machine helps a Fabricator in cutting production costs and increases efficiency It is designed for heavy duty jobs and also for precision jobs It works on single phase supply and is operated by 1/12 H P Pug Cutting Machine – Gas Cutting Products Manufacturers India The light weight portable cutting machine operated by fuel gas either acetylene or LPG The Pug Cutting Machine can easily be placed on the surface to cut with The track can be used for the movement and help in straight cutting Apr 07 Additionally there can be no valve between the downstream gas line from the regulator to the appliance Monitor Regulator Series Regulators A series regulator installed upstream from the line regulator and set continuously to limit the pressure on the inlet of the line regulator to 14″ w c MAOP Request a Quote Maxitrol Regulator and Supplemental information for individual regulators is provided where necessary To account for model differences follow the steps below to ensure proper replacement 1 Find your aircraft model and OEM P/N in the Installation Guide 2 Follow basic Installation Instructions 12 and the supplemental information when listed

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