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California& 39 s total energy consumption is second highest in the nation but in the state& 39 s per capita energy consumption ranked 48th due in part to its mild climate and its energy efficiency programs The Gas Price Charts on GasBuddy can give you a wide range of variables and data points to compare You can choose to view prices in US or Canadian dollars and compare the average retail gasoline price versus crude oil pricing Pick from a variety of time frames and specific locations to help with predictions about whether gas prices are going According to the U S Energy Information Administration EIA Californians consume an average of kWh per month They pay an average of cents/kWh resulting in an average monthly electricity bill of For reference the most expensive average monthly bill is Hawaii and the cheapest is New Mexico California is the largest consumer of both jet fuel and motor gasoline among the 50 states and accounted for 17% of the nation’s jet fuel consumption and 11% of motor gasoline consumption in The state is the second largest consumer of all petroleum products combined accounting for 10% of the U S total Side by Side comparison of cars and trucks Compare the gas mileage and greenhouse gas emissions of new and used cars and trucksAccording to GasBuddy a gallon of regular gas in California has an average cost of As of May this prices California as the most expensive state in the U S If you’re looking to own and drive a car in California you’ll need insurance Statewide emission estimates rely on state regional or federal data sources and on aggregated facility specific emission reports from CARB& 39 s Mandatory GHG Reporting Program MRR Calculation methodologies are consistent with the IPCC Guidelines GasBuddy lets you search for Gas Prices by city state zip code with listings for all cities in the USA and Canada Updated in real time with national average price for gasoline current trends and mapping tools

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