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CUTTING & BEVELING PRODUCTS PORTABLE WELD PREP MACHINE TOOLS WACHS E HS Open the catalog to page 1Pipe Cutting Machines View All NEW Advantage " Saddle Type" Beveling Machine Standard " Saddle Type" Beveling Machine Band Type Beveling Machine 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Motorized Beveling Machine Head Low profile split frame lathes severing and beveling of in line tube and pipe " " 3 mm 0 mm range OD Mount machine Self centering Pads for easy mounting or fully adjustable clamping pads for out of round pipe conditions Air / Electric / Hydraulic motor optionCompound Miter Saw TACKLIFE 12 Inch Double Sliding Miter Saw With 15 Amp Motor Double Bevel Cutting 45° 0° 45° Dual Slide Rail Design Extensible Table 40T Blade for Versatile Material Cutting 4 6 out of 5 stars Save 10% B The Model B BEVELMASTER™ provides a wide working size range with a single standard mandrel The open design of the tool holders allows for full viewing of machining operations for simultaneous facing beveling and counterboring Torque key adjustment on the mandrel prevents backlash and vibration providing smoother cutting Motorized Band Crawler Cutting & Beveling Machines The Band Crawler is ideal for use when there is a minimum amount of clearance around the pipe The stainless steel band can be positioned in tight areas of pipe runs that need repair as it requires only 6" mm clearance The light flexible band will allow the Band Crawler to give a consistent bevel on severely out of round pipe as the band conforms to the pipe shape Get in Touch! About our Company Mathey Dearman prides itself on being the world’s foremost authority on preparing pipe for joining together by welding Since the ’s we have been designing and building cutting and beveling machines and clamping aligning and reforming systems for pipe and tubing Machine Width " 6 mm Minimum Air Power requirement 85 cfm 90 psi 40 L/s kPa Minimum Electric Power requirement Light Duty Motor HD Motor 7 5 [email protected] 25 60 Hz @V 25 60 Hz @V 25 60 Hz Minimum Hydraulic Power requirement 3 gpm 15 gpm @ psi 15 gpm 20 gpm @ psi 19 L/s 94 L/s @ kPaCNC plasma cutting machine supports plasma cutting and gas cutting able to cut any complex flat graphic CNC plasma cutting machine is an upgraded machine of hand torch semi automatic cutting machine and profiling cutting machine especially suitable for mass production of complex graphics with high requirements on precision

Spindle Motor Kit W High Speed Air Cooling Brushless Spindle Motor ER16 RPM Motor Driver Motor Controller DC 48V Engraving Machine Parts 5 0 out of 5 stars 1 89E H Wachs is a pioneer in weld preparation products designed E H Wachs and Orbitalum products use a “cold cutting” machining and built to serve the unique needs of the oil and gas industry method increasingly specified wherever hydrocarbons are present to In a large natural gas supplier looked to us for a safer way eliminate the risks associated with hot torch cutting and grinding to cut and bevel their pipelines prior to welding The LCSF is designed to cut bevel single point counterbore and face flanges on pipe and tubing ranging from 2 to 48 inches O D DN50 on most wall thicknesses and materials The LCSF like all Wachs split frames incorporates full roller bearing construction rather than less expensive bushings The WeldRo MCC 1 cuts circles in flat angled or wall surfaces can be done faster and easier OXY FUEL CIRCLE CUTTER Bevel or straight cut circles or holes ROTATING GAS MANIFOLD Prevent hoses from becoming tangled ELECTRO MAGNET Holds machine to surface electro magnet allows use on vertical surface LARGE LIFTING HANDLE Portability for ease to carry and set up EXCELLENT CUTTING CAPABILITY Cut circle diameters ranging from 40mm mm Plate thickness up to 30mm Beveling from 0 Basic Machine 46 lbs 20 7 kg Cutting Head Toolbit slots 2 Rotating head diameter 1 Position 2 Position 3 Position " " " 2 mm 0 mm 8 mm Main frame diameter " 2 mm Machine Width " 3 mm Minimum Air Power requirement Standard Motor 85 cfm 90 psi 40 L/s kPa Minimum Electric Power requirement Description Cuts 2X Material at 45° Makita built motor delivers 3 RPM for faster cutting and ripping through wood 6 1/2" blade delivers a 2 1/4" cutting capacity for a wide range of cutting applications 50° maximum bevel cutting capacity Electric Blade Size 6 5 inch Saw Power Source DC Electricity / Battery Saw Type Circular SawOpen the catalog to page 1 MACHININGFUNCTION SQUARE BURR FREE FACING MACHINING CAPACITY 1/8" mm THROUGH 1" 25 4 mm O D TUBE MACHININGMATERIALS ALL WALL THICKNESS " 25 mm THROUGH " mm CLAMPINGSYSTEM STAINLESS STEEL COLLETS WITH STAINLESS STEEL HAND RETRACT ABLE LOCKING NUT CLEARANCERADIUS 1 1/2" 38 1 mm Mathey Dearman prides itself on being the world’s foremost authority on preparing pipe for joining together by welding Since the ’s we have been designing and building cutting and beveling machines and clamping aligning and reforming systems for pipe and tubing Over the years we have also developed other essential tools and equipment Motorized Chain Machines Manual Chain Machines Motorized Band Crawler Manual Band Crawler MiniMag XM Plasma Speed Motor Control TAG Cold Cutting and Beveling Uniweld Torches & Tips Aligning & Reforming NEW Sturdi Clamp Chain Clamps Single Jackscrew Chain Clamps Double Jackscrew Chain Clamps Universal Chain Clamps Double Chain Clamps

Whether you’re looking for the latest TIG torch kits and consumables welding machine repair parts gas cylinders torch outfits plasma cutting machines and torches or plasma cutter parts we’ve got you covered When it comes to personal protection equipment PPE we offer a wide range of welding helmets welding jackets and welding curtains Weldflame Mig Welding Gun Accessory Kit for Miller Millermatic M 10 M 15 and Hobart H 9 H 10 30pcs Contact Tips " pcs gas nozzles 1/2" pcs gas diffusers 4 2 out of 5 stars 31Big Power Compact Design With digital brushless motors and patented lithium battery technology PWR CORE 12™ tools deliver compact power longer run times and incredible performance Whether you’re cutting metal wood concrete or all of the above our saws deliver unbeatable power and quality you can depend on Due to the progressive machine design—and more than a decade of advancements in robotic plasma cutting technology—PythonX PLATE makes robotic plate cutting a profitable choice The MasterPipe Compact pipe profiler is a diverse CNC pipe cutting machine that can cut pipes and tubes ranging in size from 1 8 inches in diameter RIDGID pipe threaders bring confidence and precision when joining forming or connecting pipe Shop our line of manual and power threaders and accessories Portable Machine Tools for Pipeliners Following input from natural gas utilities E H Wachs introduced the first generation of cold cutting machine tools in called the Trav L Cutter® This device revolutionized pipe cutting with the ability to drive itself around the pipe on its mounting chain it utilized a high speed milling head to simultaneously cut and bevel Pipeline Applications E H Wachs is the leader in portable weld prep machines tools for virtually every type and size of pipeline used in the field Wachs offers the most complete lineup of split frames that operate on the principal of a lathe utilizing a rotating frame with fixed tooling to achieve highly precise and repeatable results Faces counterbores bevels pipe and tube for weld coupons " " 38 1 mm 0 mm range ID Mount Machine Specialized for welding coupons Air / Electric / Hydraulic motor options Learn More

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