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Feb 08 LPG is 2 5 times heavier than air In case of any leakage DA can easily spread and mix with the air but the LPG will not spread and mix with air as like DA Hence there are more chances of Fire Hazard In houses we used to close the knob of the regulator which is fitted in the cylinder and switch of the Gas Stove It is recommended that the user thoroughly familiarize himself with the specific properties of these gases The Compressed Gas Association CGA has selected and standardized the valve outlet to be used on each gas cylinder These standards contained in the document “CGA STANDARD V 1 Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet Connections" have beenrelief devices are installed on flammable gas cylinders and most other cylinders to prevent cylinder rupture in the event of fire or high temperatures 3 Store oxygen away from flammable gases Oxygen should be stored at least 25 feet away from flammable gases or separated by a five ft high non combustible wall 4 Medical Cylinder Valve Connection Helium Oxygen Mixtures He < 80 0% Xenon Oxygen Mixtures Xe < 80 0% Nitrogen Oxygen Mixtures O2 > 23 5% CGA Connection No Medical Cylinder Valve Connection The CGA non indexed valve has been replaced by CGA for various nonflammable non corrosive medical gas mixtures CGA Connection No Controls the flow of preheating oxygen fuel gas and cutting oxygen forming a cutting flame 2 Wing nut Controls the chain tension 3 Handle Drives the machine 4 Torch slide handle Moves the torch right and left 5 Lateral bar 6 Torch 7 Height adjustment handle Adjusts the height of the torch 8 Wheel 9 SprocketAnalysis of CNC Gas Cutting Machine Parameters September Conference National Conference on Recent Developments in Manufacturing & Quality Management RDMQM At Dept of Mechanical OXYGAS CUTTING EQUIPMENT An oxygas cutting outfit usually consists of a cylin der of acetylene or MAPP gas a cylinder of oxygen two regulators two lengths of hose with fittings and a cutting torch with tips fig 4 1 An oxygas cutting outfit also is referred to as a cutting rig Sudden release of gas if cylinder is damaged torpedo effect Pressure – compressed gas cylinders are filled to a pressure of atmospheres Gas Density Read understand and follow the markings on the cylinder the label s on the cylinder and the safety data sheet SDS to avoid misuse The SDS must be read to identify der of acetylene or MAPP gas a cylinder of oxygen two regulators two lengths of hose with fittings and a cutting torch with tips fig 4 1 An oxygas cutting in cutting acetylene MAPP

Title Standard Operating Procedure for Compressed Gas Cylinder Handling Procedure No SOP Revision No 0 new document Page No 1 of 6 THIS DOCUMENT MUST NOT BE PHOTOCOPIED Additional copies are available from the Air Monitoring Manager or designate 1 INTRODUCTION AND SCOPE– bulk oxygen facilities liquid or high pressure gas at the customer’s site up to the point where gas enters the distribution systems or – piping on specialized equipment and machines such as scarfing jet piercing etc The purpose of this publication is to further the understanding of those engaged in the safe design Oxy fuel cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses oxygen and fuel gas such as acetylene propane MAPP propylene and natural gas to cut through materials The oxyfuel process is the most widely applied industrial thermal cutting process because it can cut thicknesses from to mm the equipment is low cost and can be used Note While all cylinders containing oxygen are filled to psig a full H cylinder contains ft3 of oxygen and a full E cylinder contains 22 ft3 of oxygen The conversion of ft3 to liters is ft3 x 28 3 Information provided in this unit applies only to cylinders that are completely filled with gas Some cylinders such as those When cutting or welding protect cylinders from sparks hot slag or flame by separating them or use fire resistant shields or blankets Use friction lighters not matches cigarettes etc to light torches When work is finished or cylinders are empty make sure cylinder valves are closed and the caps are on the cylindersMedical Gas Supply Definitions Central Oxygen Supply a system that consists of a remote oxygen source and supply tubing that is piped to other areas Same as for all medical gas H Cylinder Large tank used as a central oxygen source and holds 6 liters E Cylinder Small tank usually attached to the anesthesia machine via a pinFind here Gas Cutting Machine Gas Cutting Machinery manufacturers suppliers & exporters in India Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Gas Cutting Machine Gas Cutting Machinery across India Safety in gas welding cutting and similar processes Page 8 of 11 If you flame cut outdoors and the metal is clean and unpainted you will not normally need RPE Try to work in a position where the wind blows the fume cloud away from you and other people If you flame cut indoors or in conditions were there is little air movement the

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