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Aug 25 HGG Profiling Equipment Expands Sales/Support Team October 9 Medina OH based HGG Profiling Equipment which opened a new sq ft facility in Houston TX earlier this year has expanded its sales and support team by adding an area manager three new customer service and support specialists and two new service technicians Alltype Engineering video testimony for HGG pipe cutting machine link USE the HGG video testimony and not with SMS branding Delivery Time 1 HGG was reporting an 8 week delivery on the 3rd of August 2 The SPC – RB Pipe Cutting Line from HGG combines the roller bed principle for an uninterrupted material flow while controlling the rotation of the material with a floating chuck registering linear displacement Pipe and square tube cutting machine for automated 3D pipe and box cutting Apr 13 CAD files are easily converted into “ready to cut” formats with HGG ProCAD software HGG ProGRAM software provides a direct link from independent workstations to the MPC 2 0 machine providing basic programming of end cuts to complete highly accurate part design and programming of all profile cuts even for complex structures Mar 10 HGG will initially showcase its ProCutter specially designed for cutting complex tube and pipe profiles up to 24 inches in diameter The HGG PC incorporates advanced HGG technology and expertise in HGG’s most affordable 3 D profile cutting machine It is available with oxy fuel plasma marking and CAM interfaces PypeServer software makes your pipe cutting prefabrication workflow far more efficient PypeServer connects to a wide variety of CAD and BIM systems nests parts efficiently cuts more accurately and lets you label and track your part and pipe inventory This robotic feature eliminated secondary cutting and grinding “To a large degree that might be because HGG uses Stäubli Robotics ” Kornelsen says Stäubli Robotics has the “accuracy repeatability and capability to interface with HGG software rather than integrating third party robots and software ” he notes Mar 02 The HGG PC incorporates advanced HGG technology and expertise in HGG’s most affordable 3D profile cutting machine It is available with oxy fuel plasma marking and CAM interfaces The PC reduces grinding fitting and welding time and related costs after pipe profiles are cut while providing full penetration welds With our pipe cutting machines and pipe cutting services one can cut any shape on a pipe or tube extremely accurately and with a bevel For more than 30 years we master pipe and tube cutting while keeping a focus on weld preparation guaranteeing fast fitting and minimized weld volume results

Dec 08 HGG offers the small footprint ProCutter RB for cutting precision profiles from 2 to 36 in dia pipe up to 42 ft The machine integrates a totally automated material handling system on a small footprint With the infeed conveyor raw material is fed continuously into the machine cut and profiled with a pantograph cutting arm and then Jun 08 The Pro Plasma Table can be used for many applications from cutting out parts in a production shop to cutting ornamental pieces A fun feature about the table and software is the ability to pull images offline to edit and cut them right out This feature gives you the ability to cut custom parts for customers with great precision and low The ProCutter RB is a pipe profiler which is logistically optimized This affordable tube profiling machine is a true workhorse which incorporates all of HGG’s advanced technology and expertise Operational excellence is applied to keep costs low Nov 08 HGG recently announced a partnership with PypeServer providing full compatibility with HGG& 39 s 3D pipe profiling machines Starting in PypeServer& 39 s Enterprise software will be available as an The RBPC – is a highly productive CNC pipe cutting line driven by a roller bed It comes with wheels sets and torch to material distance sensors dealing with pipe behavior during rotation The TCL Plasma Pipe and Tube Cutting Line is the next generation 3D cutting machine for pipe and tube ProCutter RB HGG’s new ProCutter RB pipe cutting machine accurately cuts precision profiles – from 2 to 36 inch diameter pipe up to 42 feet in length and at a very affordable price The new RB Series integrates a totally automated material handling system but with a small footprint To make sure the cut bevel angle is accurate the convergence can be compensated by a parameter in a machines software If the convergence of the kerf is 3 degrees with a required bevel of 30 degrees the cutting angle needs a correction of 1 5 degrees for example Consequently the torch angle will be 28 5 degrees compensating for the convergence Oct 07 The Tube & Pipe Journal became the first magazine dedicated to serving the metal tube and pipe industry in Today it remains the only North American publication devoted to this industry and it has become the most trusted source of information for tube and pipe professionals

Sep 11 HGG 3D Profile Cutting Machines leading position in the 3D pipe profiling machine segment on all five continents are in the offshore plant construction platforms and topsides Wind turbines steel construction shipbuilding pipeline and process plant engineering and general engineering Jul 03 Since starting its CNC production here in HGG has shipped out 28 pipe cutting machines including equipment that helped build the new airport in Hong Kong and a polo stadium in India The TCL Plasma Pipe and Tube Cutting Line is the next generation 3D cutting machine for pipe and tube The highly productive TCL is the answer to automated but expensive tube laser cutting machines Our Ship Profiler offers automated profile cutting for an affordable price combining high productivity with a small footprint Pipe cutting on a SPC – > Products Best cutting results for pipe and beam cutting Cut pipes and box sections on the MPC HGG developed an haunch Nov 15 Question How we can create Pipe/Tube XML& 39 s from Tekla Structures which will allow automatic scribing on pipes using HGG machines Answer If your customer or fabricator have HGG machines equipped with HGG marking tool then HGG machine will directly read Tekla XML files and automatically scribe part marks on pipes purchased its first machine an HGG TPCI transportable pipe cutter in The machine can cut diameters up to 1 m 40 in and is mounted on a skid for transport Civmec purchased three more machines from HGG over a period of two years an SPC stationary pipe cutter that handles pipe up to 80 in dia anAfter export we close and enter HGG ProCAM where we can review the object in a tree structure or in 3D and check the control length and 2D drawings The marking is easy to export Once the tube is imported from Tekla it is checked in HGG ProCAM and the file for pipe cutting is created for the HGG machine Nov 07 Medina Ohio based HGG Profiling Equipment has announced that starting in PypeServer’s Enterprise software will be available as an option for HGG’s PC and PC 3D pipe profiling systems alongside HGG’s ProCAM software New HGG RPC Mk3 The First Beam Coping Machine That Also Profiles Pipe HGG’s new RPC Mk3 is the first beam coping machine with the capability to profile structural beams angle bars channels square tubes plates T bars and bulbs and a versatile new capability to cut and profile pipes too

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