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Hammer Forging Hammer Japanese style by Nathan Robertson 1 5 lbs SKU FTS JP ForgingHammer Add to Cart Add to Compare Hammer Forging Hammer Japanese style by Nathan Robertson 2 lbs SKU FTS JP ForgingHammer 2lb If we don’t have it let us know and we will look into getting it We have blade steels for knife making such as High Carbon and 15N20 We have soft forging Cold Rolled bar stock in square and round See our S7 punch stock and hammer head blanks And that’s just a few types of raw materials to help you on As a wrought iron machine it is used to cut steel rods before processing metals for decoration Ellsen steel rod bending machine is manufactured to cut various metal materials for example hot bar thread steel flat iron square steel angle steel carbon steel and deformed steel In most production facilities forging machinery is used for just one part of the manufacturing process After forging the workpiece moves along the production line to the next item of machinery However ornamental blacksmithing often relies solely on forging machines to create beautiful metal ornaments with steel tubes and rods This paper mainly describes the modern production technology and die design method this method is a very successful forging ording to such forging process of connecting rods statistical results show that the weight tolerance is less than 4g thickness tolerance is less than / 5mm Except for the high quality Ellsen steel cutter equipment has good cutting performance and high safety Besides the fair price of this machinery makes Ellsen steel cutting machine have more competitive advantages in the rush market Ellsen steel bar cutting machine and steel rod cutting machine can meet your different needs Wrought iron end forging machine has greatly enriched decorative industry since it came out For we could process flat steel round steel and square steel into different arrow ends flat ends and striated ends also called fishtail by using end hot wrought machine Iron rod cutting machine after sales service We offer one year warranty for iron rod cutting machine for sale Wearing parts are sent to customers for free Our experienced engineers would go abroad to provide service door to door We will repair iron cutting machines for free within warranty period

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