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Jun 22 The edition of the Plumbing and Gas Piping codes will be effective on March 15 Between February 1 and March 14 The Public Health Plumbing and gas Piping program will accept permit applications using either the or codes Oct 27 Regulations for gas installations Gas bottles may not be installed • Less than 1 metre sideways from doors and windows • Less than 2 metres from drains and air vents • Less than 3 metres below windows unless a non combustible roof is installed • Less than 1 metre from the property boundary wall unless it is a fire wall 6 6 1 Installation of Containers General Requirements 6 6 1 2 LP Gas containers or systems of which they are a part shall be protected from damage from vehicles NFPA 58 6 6 6 Installation of Underground and Mounded Containers CHAPTER 4 GAS CUTTING The common methods used in cutting metal are oxygas flame cutting air carbon arc cutting and plasma arc cutting The method used depends on theSANS 4 The handling storage distribution and maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas in domestic commercial and industrial installations Part 4 The transportation of LP gas including the design construction inspection fittings filling maintenance and repair of LP gas bulk vehicles and rail tank cars May 06 There are separate requirements for storing agricultural fuel oil on a farm in England or Wales for agricultural purposes for example as fuel for a tractor or to power a grain dryer CUTTING APPLICATIONS CUTTING PRODUCTION AND SAFETY [1] Do the weight conversion of the fuel gas considered When evaluating a specific fuel gas cost examine how many cubic feet of gas a pound of the fuel that fuel gas delivers see fuel data below [2] Oxygen consumption is an important part of cutting costs Jul 06 The actual piping from the tanks to your system need to enter the equation The piping contractor must understand the tremendous importance of purity when installing the pipes feeding gas to a laser cutting system Small particles left in the pipes from installation can damage the mirrors and other internal laser components Jul 21 LPG gas bottle location regulations LPG tank siting location regulations require that an LPG gas installation must be sited safely away from ignition sources — primarily electrical devices and flames — in the event of a leak A gas installation is expected to be situated in a well ventilated area

NFPA 96 Code 8 2 3 3 ‘The exhaust fan shall be provided with a means so that the fan is activated when any heat producing cooking appliances under the hood is turned on ’ NFPA 96 Code 9 3 7 ‘If the heat source is non electric and open flames are used a carbon monoxide detector shall be installed in both the kitchen and percent of tank capacity by providing an audible or visual alarm signal providing a tank level gauge marked at 90 percent of tank capacity or other approved means and Automatically shut off the flow of fuel to the tank when the quantity of liquid in the tank reaches 95 percent of tank capacity or other approved method of overfill prevention c 1 ii Except as provided in paragraph c 1 iii of this section fuel gas cylinders connected to one manifold inside a building shall be limited to a total capacity not exceeding pounds 9 kg of liquefied petroleum gas or 3 cubic feet 84 m 3 of other fuel gas The opening and closing procedures is as follow OPENING AND CLOSING PROCEDURE GAS CUTTING EQUIPMENT Visually check equipment It should be in good condition Faulty equipment is dangerous Check oxygen and Acetylene regulators —pressure adjusting knobs should be set to zero This will help ensure long regulator life and avoid regulator damage 1 Gas Cutting Torch A specially designed gas cutting torch is shown in Fig The tip of the cutting torch has a larger centre opening from which a jet of oxygen comes to cut the metal This central opening surrounded by a set of orifices generally four which supply the oxygen acetylene mixture for pre heating Not just gas cutting any sort of welding deserves taking the maximum precautions Gas welding involves a lot of sparks and spatters You should wear good quality protective clothing gear Consider having a leather welding jacket for this purpose This guidance manual for operators of small natural gas systems is part of our commitment to pipeline safety This manual was developed to provide an overview of pipeline compliance responsibilities under the federal pipeline safety regulations where federal regulations are sometimes the only environmental rules in effect This handbook highlights five major areas of environmental management at gas stations underground storage tanks aboveground storage tanks used oil vehicle waste disposal wells air conditioning units and emergency spill response This gas filling machine has a standard construction of stainless steel This unit can be supplied without the pump and manifold for filling of small bottles direct from a bulk tank Priced from R96 Excludes Delivery and Installation

All the benefits of gas made easy An above ground LPG tank makes the flawless fit for most gardens – and the tank is an easy install too! Ideal for many homes our above ground storage tank is installed on a concrete or prefabricated base a 4 Smoking and open flames shall be prohibited in areas used for fueling fuel storage or enclosed storage of equipment containing fuel a 5 Equipment shall be refueled only at designated locations a 6 Liquid fuels not handled by pump shall be handled and transported only in portable containers or If your company or business has an above ground fuel tank or is considering installing one here are some requirements you& 39 ll need to consider Double walled tanks are preferable to single wall tanks The outer or exterior tank protects the inner tank from sun rain and punctures natural gas systems can use to meet the minimum requirements of the pipeline safety regulations For example requirements for pressure testing vary throughout the pipeline safety regulations The test pressure used in this manual is usually pounds per square inch to provide clarity andAccording to the regulations SANS 1 All gas installations must have a Certificate of Conformity according to the Pressure Equipment Regulations that have been promulgated under the Occupation Health and Safety Act No 85 of 2 4 Important Timelines for Natural Gas Service Line Extension Projects 7 2 5 Relocation / Alteration of Existing Natural Gas Facilities 8 2 6 Service Design and Installation Options 8 2 6 1 Applicant Design 8 2 6 2 Applicant Install 9 SECTION 3 – NATURAL GAS SERVIC E 9 3 1 General Requirements 9 3 2 Service Location 10Gas meters related regulators and piping that are installed indoors or outdoors and are subject to vehicle impact shall be protected by barriers meeting the requirements of Section of the International Fire Code For the purpose of applying this provision " subject to vehicle impact" shall mean located within three feet of any garage door Apr 17 Regulations for aboveground fuel storage tanks Prevention of spills overfills and corrosion Containment options and drainage for tanks and containers 4 1 Regulatory Background there are many overlapping federal regulations for aboveground storage tanks ASTs and containers unfortunately many of these requirements are found

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