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Heat a wire cutter to cut through the foam Plug in a small wire cutter until the wire is hot Avoid touching the wire Push the foam through the blade to make straight smooth cuts If you& 39 d like to cut more details such as waves curvy lines or circles consider using a hot wire foam cutting table The LYNX series of CNC hot wire foam cutters and additional equipment represent the top quality computer controlled machines created to cut any shapes in the styrofoam and XPS Optimal solutions for FOAM cutting coating recycling EPS Foams & much more… For over 30 years CROMA® has been studying developing and manufacturing computer controlled hot wire cutting systems These machines make it possible to cut practically all the Thermo fusible foams but also plastic materials of small thickness CNC Foam Product Gallery Standard & CNC Foam Cutting Capabilities Click image for larger view CNC Products made with and CNC options CNC Lathe Capabilities Mounts to or allowing you to cut spiral columns belly columns etc up to 4′ dia 8′ long in 2Lb foam CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine RSF Features 1 NC studio controller easy to learn and operation 2 Profiled steel welded lathe bed enhanced gantry high rigidity and high accuracy The foam cutter will cut Polystyrene EPS and XPS using a hot wire Other foams such as Polyurethane should only be cut with a blade a bend saw or an abrasive wire cutter When cutting be careful !!! wire will get hot and some people may be allergic to the EPS fumes always work in a well ventilated area Hot Wire Foam Factory 4 Axis CNC Machines are a sign maker& 39 s dream come true Make giant foam letters easily Plug and Go Technology Create perfect signs an Our professional quality foam cutting tools make cutting EPS foam polystyrene foam and Styrofoam fast fun and easy Since we have been manufacturing hot wire cutters and foam cutting machines We supply hot wire foam sculpting tools a Crafter’s Hot Knife two Pro Hot Knives and a new Industrial Hot Knife Hot Wire CNC foam cutting machines made and supported in the USA! 99% pre assembled and includes phone support For rigid polystyrene foams like Styrofoam white beaded EPS and XPS foams blue and pink board

Foamlinx develops and builds a range of cutting systems Our hot wire Foam Cutters are designed to cut EPS XPS EPP and PE types of foam Our CNC routers will also machine high density Urethane tooling foam RenShape MDF EVA plastics acrylics wood and light metals CNC hot wire foam cutter detailed build and plans The build of the CNC hot wire foam cutting machine isn’t difficult just measure twice and cut once as the saying goes This page has the build instructions plans and main parts you’ll need as well as the cutting lists Arduino controlled CNC foam cutting machine is for cutting 2D foam two ends of single hot wire can motion at same speed at same most commonly used EPS recycling machine eps cutting machine 0The XL Hot Wire Foam Cutting CNC Machine cutting construction foam EPS Blocks into custom foam thermal insulation panels for metal buildings It& 39 s much more Parts included 4 long shafts 30" long 4 short shafts 14" long 2 long ACME screws couplers 2 short ACME screws couplers 4 motors with cables no soldering is required All metal parts 4 axis stepper motor electronics box fully assembled and tested Hot wire power supply will heat up to 40" of hot wire hot wire 5 axis CNC hot wire foam cutter FROGWire allows you to prepare foam for detailed milling or to cut stunning final products Capable of 2D 3D flat cuts and rotational parts by importing vectors or 3D STL models for cutting wings fuselages cores letters logos signs and for crown moldings All of our machines are true 4 axis cutters with the exception of the sign cutter RCFoamCutter hot wire CNC foam cutters will cut tapered shapes including a Zagi like wing or a Jet wing Assembly is simple and mostly takes up to two hours CNC MACHINES A Hot Wire Foam Cutter is a electrical tool used to cut polystyrene EPS XPS foams and similar materials The device consists of a thin taut cutting wire often made of NiChrome Titanium Stainless steel or a thicker wire preformed into a desired shape which is heated via electrical resistance to appr °C A Hot wire CNC foam cutter is an good tool to have when you make aeroplanes of hot wire CNC 3D foam cutter allows the ability to cut out any aerofoil shape from a CAD design accurately A properly configured hot wire CNC foam cutter can save you a lot of effort and produce a smooth s article will give you the workflow on how

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