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Dec 19 Winter Safety Tips for Wood and Gas Burning Fireplaces Posted on Dec 19 After a full day of sled riding or building a snowman with the kids or shoveling the driveway and sidewalk there is nothing like coming out of the cold making some hot chocolate and warming up in front of your cozy fireplace Aug 15 Here’s a quick explanation of the pros and cons of each different type of fireplace in regards to chimney health and safety Electric – With electric fireplaces there isn’t any need for a chimney because there are no byproducts of the fireplace So if you’re concerned about the health of your chimney then an electric fireplace is a If you have a gas burning fireplace – Turn the gas valve off and on and test the igniter – Make sure the logs or stones aren’t in a bad position – Inspect the latch to make it closes and look for cracks in the glass doors Follow these tips to make sure your fireplace is safe to use Make sure your contractor installs an oxygen depletion sensor in your gas fireplace This device sometimes called a “safety pilot ” automatically shuts the gas off if the temperature in the fireplace gets too cold or if too much carbon monoxide builds up Insist on having one even if your gas fireplace is vented 3 Heat Although aesthetic appeal is a big plus of owning a fireplace many also enjoy or even rely on the heat that is generated by their fires It’s one thing to see the beauty of a fire from across the room but even better when it can be felt from up close As mentioned previously a wood fire is often made up of many logs not just This is especially true with a vent free fireplace because they are made to have an almost complete combustion which lowers the carbon monoxide level A safety screen is recommended to avoid an accident with small children or pets You should keep all items 2 feet away from the fireplace 3 Do Yearly ChecksWhile wood fireplaces aren’t generally as efficient as gas models there are things you can do to make improvements A properly burning fire will create more heat and burn logs more thoroughly than a fire that struggles through tightly packed and/or unseasoned wet logs 16 Must Read Fireplace Safety Tips Fireplaces might add the ambiance of warmth and tranquility to your home but that cozy crackling glow also conceals an ash pan of potential problems Cinders ash volatile resins and creosote that are not routinely cleared from the fireplace can pose a dangerous fire hazard Gas appliances have more safety issues to consider but current models have a wealth of safety features and are built with ample internal clearances In short any modern fireplace that is properly installed and maintained can be safe

Depending on how well insulated your house is Ruppa says a 40 BTU fireplace would be more than enough to heat a large living or family room He also points out that “a lot of high Aug 12 Ventless gas fireplaces in particular are popular because they& 39 re clean and easy to use Also known as unvented or vent free fireplaces a ventless gas fireplace operates with natural gas or liquid propane LP that flows into a gas burner mounted in the fireplace When ignited the flames run through gaps in artificial ceramic fiber logs Adding a gas fireplace can cost as little as 6 installed resulting in a dramatic transformation to be enjoyed for many years to come Adding a fireplace makes your house a home for so many reasons Learn more about the range of gas fireplace options available from Heat & Glo The chimney sweep log is not a miracle cure that will give you a sparkling clean and safe fireplace flue It will not replace a professional cleaning by a trained chimney sweep and it certainly isn’t enough to make your fireplace flue as clean as it should be for safe use Though it does actually help make the chimney sweep’s job a lot easier Nov 29 Another safety precaution to take for your direct vent gas fireplace is to check the status of the safety screen barrier In the fireplace industry began requiring that every direct vent gas fireplace be accompanied with a safety mesh screen These screen were made to combat the problem many faced when the glass would get far too hot Mar 16 Oxygen Depletion Sensor ODS Ventless gas fireplaces are very safe and secure While there is very little production of carbon monoxide when a vent free fireplace is used they is still a small quantity to be considered The ventless gas log system comes equipped with an oxygen depletion system known as a Oxygen Depletion Safety Pilot ODS Feb 24 You will need to use the pipe cutter to cut the gas line and install the T pipe so you can run a pipe to the fireplace Then screw all the pieces of pipe together and attach it to the intake on the fireplace Be sure to use plenty of sealant joint compound to avoid any leaks Order a pipe cutter on AmazonGas starters make it easy to start a fire in a wood burning fireplace Consisting of a tube mounted under the grate a gas starter uses natural gas to create flames through several small holes along its length These flames light the wood once the wood is well lit you can turn off the gas starter Using supplemental oxygen does have some risks associated with it and you are wise to be concerned Oxygen itself is not flammable however the presence of oxygen causes fire or even a spark to burn more quickly and fiercely So some common sense tips might help ease your concerns Keep at least 8 to 10 feet away from any flame or spark

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